Allteq offers a "One-Stop-Shop" for all your I.T. requirements both products and services.  The advantages to you are:

  • We are customer driven, what the customer want, the customer gets.
  • We endeavour to provide the lowest prices.
  • We have over 30 years experience in the I.T. industry.
  • We are not your corner Retail Store that just offers a good price but no support or advice.
  • We provide telephonic support to our clients at no extra charge.
  • We are able to advise our customers as to the best value for money between the different brands.
  • We are able to source product from multiple outlets (interstate and overseas), as such we are better able to meet your implementation schedule(s).
  • In addition to supplying product, we provide installation, implementation, training and support.
  • A SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT - The buck stops with us! - You do not have to fight with multiple suppliers who will try to lay the blame somewhere else if things go wrong.

Products Offered on this Web Site

Allteq can supply most brands at the best price.
Whilst we have posted the prices for a large number of brands, our product offering is by no means limited to just those listed on our web site.  if the product you want is not listed, simply send us an email detailing your requirements and we will respond with a quote.

Important:  Due to the fact that manufacturers change there prices on a daily basis and whilst we are continually updating to reflect their current products and prices, it is not possible to keep up with them on a day-to-day basis.  Therefore the prices reflected on this web site are indicative only and are subject to change without notice.

We strongly recommend that you contact us for the latest price and availability regarding your specific requirements.

Site Structure

To make it easy to navigate this site, this site has been designed using "Frames", The content has been split into two categories: The Navigation Bar which appears at the top of each and every page/section, lists the products by Category, whilst the "Vendor " section which is accessable from either the Navigation Bar or the Main Page, list the products by Brand/Manufacturer. 

  • Navigation Bar; Product by Category
  • Vendor List; Product by Vendor (Manufacturer)

Product by Category

The product categories are listed as buttons in the navigation bar which is visible at all times.
  1. Clicking on any one of the product categories will take you to a list of all the manufacturers who offer that particular product.
  2. Choose your preference of Vendor by clicking on the specific button.

This will open the Vendors product Price list.  Please note that in some cases, the product that you are looking for may be grouped together with the Vendors full range of products.  You can either scroll down the page until you come the the product you are looking for, or you can use the "Find" feature of your browser to pinpoint the product.


The Allteq Web Site includes a SEARCH engine, click on the "Search" button on the Navigation Bar at the top of of the page, this will open the Search Engine, type in the product code or description and click "Search". This will bring up a list reflecting the pages that the item is listed on, click on the most appropriate page, you will then be taken to the page that lists the item.  Press control "F" or alternatively click on  "Edit" at the top of your browser, click find, key in the description of the item, then click "Find Next", this will take you to the specific item listed on the page.

Product by Vendor/Manufacturer

The products by Vendor can be found by clicking on the "Vendors" button on either the Navigation bar at the top of the page or "Vendors" on the Home page.

This will take you to a list of Vendors/Manufacturers, simply click on your choice of Vendor to navigate their range of products.


Whilst this site is designed to easily incorporate an on-line shopping cart, we have however had feedback from our customers indicating that they prefer direct contact when placing orders to ensure the latest prices and availability.  Therefore the objective of this site is to provide you with both our indicative pricing and contact details, whereby we will assist you with your purchase on a personal basis over the phone, via e-mail or arrange to visit you in order to discuss your requirements. 

Due to the high cost associated with servicing an order, the minimum order value that will be accepted by Allteq is $100.


Payment is require prior to delivery, unless a credit account is in place.

Our preference of payment is via Internet Bank Transfer or direct deposit into our bank account.  In some instances we will accept company cheques.

We do not accept Credit Cards:  Allteq is able to offer the best prices in the marketplace for two reasons, (1) In most instances Allteq pays cash for the product in order to get the lowest price. (2) Banks charge between 2.5% - 3% for every credit card transaction and as Allteq operates on the slimmest of margins, we would therefore be forced to pass on the bank charges to the customer in order to maintain our small margin (with few exceptions, other suppliers offering on-line shopping using credit cards as payment, have factored the bank charges into their prices).

Minimum order value accepted by Allteq is $200.

Our Bank Details:

Westpac Banking Corporation
Branch:  198 Military Rd, NEUTRAL BAY
Account Name:  Allteq Pty Limited
BSB:  032197
Account No:  174202

Feed Back

We have tried to make our web site as easy to use as possible, however if you have any useful suggestions as to how we may improve this site, or if you experience any broken links, we would appreciate your feedback, simply send us an E-mail.