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Portable Series LED Projectors Projection

Share your ideas wherever you go with Acer Portable LED Projectors. Discuss concepts, show videos on big screens & motivate others while you’re on the road -- without needing a computer. With models as slim as 1" (24.5 mm), the world of self-expression now fits in your pocket.  Your presentations can now fit in a pocket -- or your palm.1 Be PC-free: Project your content directly from a plugged-in USB drive, or SD™ Card, or even a smartphone.1, 2 Show your ideas in HD quality by connecting via HDMIฎ and MHLฎ ports1 to HD source devices. Project wirelessly with the Acer eDisplay Proฎ app.  Text is crisp & graphics are clear even from far away, thanks to high contrast ratios. Your ideas will pop with the high brightness of LED technology, creating vibrant visuals & delivering consistent color saturation. With Acer ColorSafe technology, those colors retain their natural look even after prolonged projector use.  Selected models let you plug & play immediately by auto-detecting source signals & by being compatible with popular presentation software types. User interfaces are intuitive so you can concentrate on your thoughts, not your actions, & the quality of your presentations is enhanced with an integrated SRS speaker.  Let your ideas & the planet both blossom. The longer lifespan of the LED lamp saves on replacement costs & combines with the device’s Eco Mode to ensure a long projector lifetime. The absence of hazardous mercury or halogen gases means safer use, and a fan-less1 design keeps projector noise to a minimum.

MR.JH911.007 Aser C205 - Portable Projector, DLP, FWVGA, HDMI, 200 Lumens -    View Video



• FWVGA (854 x 480)
• Contrast Ratio 1,000:1

• Standard Mode Brightness 200 Lumens
• Normal Mode Lamp Life 20000 Hour
• Weight (Approximate) 302 g

What's in the Box :
• C205 DLP Projector
• AC to DC Power Adapter

• MHL Cable (HDMI to Micro-USB)
• Protection Case

• Quick Start Guide
• 2 Year Limited Warranty


MR.JGM11.009 Acer K135 - Portable Projector, WXGA, DLP, 600 Lumens Specs $658
The pocket-size Acer K Series is so small that you can project vibrant visuals from one h&. Despite its small size, this mini projector features high brightness, an intuitive UI, rich media functionality, and easy setup in various environments. Additionally, the Acer K Series uses a mercury-free LED light source to ensure longer lamp life while protecting the environment.
• Portable Projector
• Resolution: WXGA (1280 x 800)
• 600 Lumens
• Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1
• Aspect Ratio: 16:10 (Native)
• Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (Compatible)
• Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Compatible)
• Throw Ratio1.5:1
• 20000 Hour (Normal Mode)
• 30000 Hour (Economy Mode)
• Weight: 0.43Kg
• 2 Year Limited Warranty


MR.JG711.00A Aser K335 Portable Projector, DLP, LED, WXGA, 1000 Lumens  -  View Video



• LED Technology
• WXGA 16:10
• Native Resolution 1280 x 800

• Native Aspect ratio 16:10
• Contrast ratio 10000:1
• Brightness 1000 ANSI Lumens
• Wireless ready
• 1.3 kgs
• Lamp Life 20,000 hours
What's in the Box :
• K335 DLP Projector
• AC Power Cord
• VGA Cable
• Composite Video Cable
• Remote Control
• Battery for Remote Control
• Carrying Case
• User's Guide (CD-ROM)
• Network/Multimedia Guide (CD-ROM)
• Quick Start Guide
• 2 Year Limited Warranty
Essential Series Projectors Projection

Acer Essential series projectors are best value projectors ideal for everyday use, at work or home. Make your presentations more compelling and entertainment more exciting with high brightness, high contrast & DLPฎ 3D Ready, while adhering to your bottom line.  With WXGA resolution, high brightness, high contrast & Acer Color Technology, your presentations will be more compelling with sharper texts & vibrant images, even from a distance. Combined with DLPฎ 3D Ready2 you can also enjoy an immersive theater-like 3D entertainment experience.  The accumulation of dust over time can cause a projector to not function properly & lose its original brightness. With Acer Dust Shield, Essential series projectors can defend against the detrimental effects of dust, allowing them to work better, for longer, and requiring less maintenance.  Essential series projectors have features that make them easy to use including 9 key control panels1 on the top of the projectors & 40-degree keystone correction that automatically adjusts vertical distortions. Their ceiling mounts provide four ways to install them so you can pick the method that best suits your needs.  Essential series projectors sport eco-friendly technologies that are better for the planet & good for your wallet. Their standby power consumption can be reduced by 90% & by 70% when powered on, which helps to prolong the lifespan of its lamps (Up to 10,000 hours) for lower replacement costs.

MR.JL811.008 Aser P1185 Essential Projector, SVGA, DLP, 3200 Lumens Specs $573
The Acer P1 Series presents breathtaking visuals for remarkable SMB or classroom presentations. Convenient utilities enable easy setup, while advanced power-management solutions conserve energy & the Earth's resources. To top it off, the P1 Series is available for remarkably good value.
• 3D Type: 3D Ready
• Brightness: 3200 ANSI Lumens
• Composite Video: Yes
• Lamp life up to 10,000 hours
• Contrast Ratio: 20,000:1
• Graphic Mode: SVGA
• 3W built-in speaker
• Native Aspect Ratio: 4:3
• Native Resolution: 800 x 600
• Video Signal Format: NTSC / PAL
• Weight 4.4 lbs (2.0 Kg)


MR.JLD11.008-WD5 Aser P1285 Essential Projector, XGA, DLP, 500 Lumens Specs $658

Crystal-clear imagery with 3200 ANSI brightness.  • True-to-life color thanks to Acer ColorBoost3D and Acer ColorSafe II.  • Wireless projection with optional Dongle capability frees you from cables.  • Hidden dongle design that makes projector look neat and elegant.  • 10,000 hours lamp life of ExtremeEco technology.

• XGA (1,024 x 76) resolution
• 3,200 ANSI lumens
• Dynamic Black 20,000:1
• Acer ColorBoost3D
• Acer ColorSafe II
• DLPฎ 3D Ready
• HDMI 3D with 144Hz 24p
• 10W built-in speaker
• Instant resume
• Instant pack
• Acer SmartFormat
• Weight: 2.0 Kg (4.4 lbs)


MR.JH111.008 Aser P1383W Essential Projector, DLP, WXGA, 3100 Lumens


• WXGA (1280 x 800)
• Contrast Ratio 17,000:1
• Brightness 3100 Lumens
• Lamp Life 5000 Hours
• Weight (Approximate) 2.50 kg
• 2 Year Limited Warranty
What's in the Box :
• P1383W DLP Projector
• AC Power Cord
• VGA Cable

• Remote Control
• Battery for Remote Control
• Carrying Case

• User's Guide (CD-ROM)
• Quick Start Guide
• Security Card
Home Series Projectors Projection

Show movies on a mammoth scale (up to 300 inches or 762 cm in size) in a billion colours and astonishing clarity. Make your living room your personal multiplex with Acer Home Series projectors, and leave behind the ordinary in entertainment for a cinematic experience that is truly awesome.  Movies are massive at 300 inches (762 cm) and a billion colours. Action sequences are thrilling at an authentic 24p frame rate1 and with AcuMotion's blur control.1 With the superb clarity of available 1080p Full HD, you'll enjoy rich details, bright and natural colours, and exceptional contrast.  Position the picture just how you want it without moving the projector itself on models with lens shift control. Others let you choose among resolutions and aspect ratios or even among sources thanks to simultaneous connectivity. When you attach an image source, it's instantly found by Smart Detection.  Movies gain depth and feeling with available 3D solutions that deliver stereoscopic visuals. Plus, those visuals are flicker free thanks to high refresh rates. Scenes and characters seem more real with keystone correction providing the perfect rectangular image. All models come with multiple connectors, including HDMIฎ, DVI and VGA.  Enjoy your favourite movies again and again with no "burnout" thanks to Home Series projector bulbs, which in economy mode last up to 5,000 hours1 - that's more than two thousand films. Need an intermission? No eco-worries, as Acer EcoProjection technology reduces standby power consumption by up to 90%.

MR.JLA11.008-WD5 Aser H6517ST Home Projector, Short-Throw, Full-HD, DLP, 3,000 Lumens Specs $1,107

Crystal-clear imagery with 1080p resolution and 3000 ANSI brightness.  Short-throw brings flexibility in choosing projection locations, even in limited space.  Amazingly lifelike 3D entertainment, thanks to: DLPฎ 3D ready, Blu-ray™ 3D, HDMIฎ 3D, NVIDIAฎ 3DTV Player.  Wireless projection capability lets you project easily via all your devices.  Dust Shield Design offers four guards to prevent damage from airborne dust.

• Full HD (1920 x 1080)
• 3000 ANSI Lumens
• 10,000:1 Contrast
• 16:9 (Native), 4:3 (Compatible)
• 4000 Hour (Normal Mode); 
• 6000 Hour (Economy Mode)
What's in the Box :
• H6517ST DLP Projector
• AC Power Cord
• Battery for Remote Control
• Quick Start Guide
• Remote Control
• Security Card
• User's Guide (CD-ROM)
• VGA Cable
Replacement Lamps
EC.K0100.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for X1161 & X1261 projectors $259
EC.J9900.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for H7530D projector $252
EC.J6900.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for P1166 / P1266 projector $259
EC.JBU00.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for X1261P & X1161P projectors $169
EEC.J3401.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for PD311 & PD323 projectors $359
EC.K1700.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for P1203 projector $210
EC.J5500.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for P5270 projector $354
EC.K2500.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for P7203 & P7203B projectors $493
EC.K3000.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for X1110A projector $252
EC.JC200.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for U5200 projector $354
EC.JC300.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for H9500BD projector $308
EC.J5600.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for X1160 / X1160Z / X1160PZ / X1260 projectors $214
EC.J5200.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for P1165 & P1265 projectors $259
EC.J9000.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for X1130 / X1230 / X1230S projectors $286
5J.J1M02.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for MP770 projector $412
EC.J6400.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for P7280 projector $513
EC.J6700.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for P3250 projector $359
EC.J6900.003 Acer Replacement Lamp for P1266i projector $259
EC.J5400.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for P5260i projector $259
EC.K0600.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for X1130P / X1230PK projectors $286
EC.J3401.001 Acer Replacement Lamp for PD311 / PD323 projectors $359
EC.J6400.002 Acer Replacement Lamp for P7290 projector $575
Wireless Adaptors
MC.JKY11.007-A05 Aser MWA3 Wireless Dongle for MHL Connectivity $90
JZ.JBF00.001 Acer USB wireless Wi-Fi Adaptor for: K130, K330, P1201B, P7203B, U5200, S1213Hn $133
Mounting Options
EZ.PCM03.007 Acer Universal Ceiling Projector Mount $209
The Universal ceiling mount enables you to ceiling mount an Acer projector in any room for you convenience.
MC.JBG11.00 Acer Wall-mount Unit for S1213Hn Projector $142
JZJZ.JBG00.005 Acer Wall-mount Unit for S5201, U5200  Projectors $153
Accessories for Projectors
MC.JFZ11.00E-A05 Aser 3D Glasses for Acer Projectors $72
JZ.JBU00.009 Acer 3D Glasses For K130, K330, X1161P, X1261P, P1201B, H9500BD, S5201, U5200 $102

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